When you're serious about
turning your expertise into a

You deserve to Make More Money working with the kind of clients that truly value your expertise. We use 4 unique strategies to work with experts, coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs – just like you – to find value in their expertise, monetize it, share it, and use it to Build a High-Profit Business.


No Ordinary

When you want to boost your business and launch your success, use a proven blueprint that works - created by bootstrapping entrepreneurs just like you!
Exceed Your Goals.
You're ready to get going. You want real success. Not empty promises. This unique program starts with 4-weeks of hands-on online training, coaching and Q&A where you build your SkyRocket Business Model. You then come to Orlando for 3-days of in-person cultivation, refinement, and implementation of your business model. We give you ongoing and unmatched support to bolster and boost your business into a success story.
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Get Away.
Get it Done

Built specifically for well-paid experts, entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches who need to tweak, restructure, and realign their business to meet specific goals.
Where Clarity Alignment & Execution Meet
You've made strides but you need to level-up. This unique program that starts with 4-weeks of hands-on online training, coaching and Q&A where you take a closer look at what's working, what's not, and where you want to be. You then come to the Million$Mansion for up to 5 days of in-person cultivation, refinement, and implementation. We do DEEP! And our ongoing support ensures that your goals are met.
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The You Want


The Profitable Entrepreneur

The Top Entrepreneurial Business Bootcamp Kicks-Off April 2019

    4-Weeks: Use the Self-Guided SkyRocket Speaking-Business Execution Strategy to forge your personalized and powerful business model; (April 3-April 26: Online)
  • 3-Days: Cultivate, Refine, and Perfect a Your High-Profit Speaking Business Model (May 9-12: Orlando)
  • Ongoing: Unmatched Support to Reinforce Drive, Boost Your Sales, and Close More Deals
The High-Profit Zone Bootcamp is a uniquely powerful 6-week intensive bootcamp that combines 4-weeks of hands-on online training, coaching and Q&A with 3-days in-person cultivation, refinement, and implementation of your business model followed by ongoing and unmatched support to bolster and boost your hard work. Whether you’re brand new to entrepreneurship or had some success, The Bootcamp will help you become a profitable entrepreneur.

RESULTS: No empty promises or content waterboarding here. We work with you to build a business using a specific step-by-step execution plan and blueprint. Give us 6 weeks. We’ll give you the education and support you need to build an actual business… not just learn about it.


Business Accelerator Mansion Retreat

The Top Accelerator for Established Entrepreneurs Kicks-Off April 2019

  • 4-Weeks: Create Your Speaking Business Strategy (April 1-April 28: Online)
  • 3-Days: Refine Your High-Profit Speaking Business (May 1-6: Orlando)
  • Ongoing: Unmatched Support to Help Drive Sales and Close Deals

You have great intentions, but your time is pulled in a thousand different directions. Distractions range from social media to family obligations to late night calls from clients, getting the time needed to get you business where it needs to be can be tough.

Our Business Accelerator Mansion Retreats give you the break you deserve while delivering the business building boost you need.

Results: Create real business alignment and clarity so that you can leverage our strategies for growth. Whether you want to refine your offering, discover the secrets to creative copy and keynotes, tap into your superpower, or tap into your target-rich environment; we have you covered.

Tracy Williams

Emotional Intelligence Expert

Beyond Excitement

My weekend was so epic, I was actually excited about doing homework on the flight home.
Meet Tracy

John Ramstead

Leadership Expert

Huge Props

I worked the entire flight home and was excited about it. Since the retreat I've gotten more referrals from stage than ever! The HPZ works.
Meet John

Wendy Porter

Executive Event Strategist

Game Changer

I just one weekend I was able to put more structure around my whole business offering and articulate that in a powerful way.
Meet Wendy

Renita Garrett

Enterprise Project Strategist (Oil & Gas)

Vision to Value

My ideas resembled shattered glass. After the HPZ, that worthless pile of glass was turned into a beautiful mosaic which is now my business.
Meet Renita
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